Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Team was selected early last year and members are:
Ashley Benson
Rachael McLean
Sachin Rao
Jason Reid

Currently both Sachin and myself are researching the sensors we will need for the race-car system as well as the development boards and coding language to use. Preliminary analysis suggests that we will probably end up coding in C using an Atmel development board.

The project has been broken into three major stages:
Stage One - Stable platform able to collect data from the sensors and GPS unit and log this data in an appropriate recepticle.
Stage Two - Analysis software to be written and developed to present data in a user-friendly fashion to the pit crew
Stage Three - Real-time data transmission from the car to the pit crew's laptop. Most probably using a cellular communication protocol.

As this is the initial posting I will leave it there but more will be following over the course of this project so stay tuned.

Jason Reid
Revolution Technologies

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